Lamar Terrace Archaelogical Project

Historical Context

Archaeological Excavations

Discovered Artifacts

The Lamar Terrace Archaeology Project (Memphis, TN) resulted in the recovery of a treasure trove of information and artifacts primarily dating from 1890 to 1920.

The Lamar Terrace Site (40SY695) is one of the first suburban archaeological sites in Memphis to be extensively investigated, as most prior work in the city has focused on the “core” area of downtown (i.e., the waterfront and Beale St.). Beyond the localized, site-specific data that was obtained, these results are regionally significant, as they enhance our ability to fully understand late-nineteenth-century to early-twentieth-century lifeways in one of Memphis’s early suburbs.

Functionally, the site represents a neighborhood-level dump that formed largely through informal trash and rubbish disposal, and it is interpreted as containing artifacts from multiple domestic and a few local commercial sources. Interpreting the archaeological record of this forgotten dump, “The Treasure of the Terrace,” provided an opportunity to explore the effects that the modernization of the Progressive Era had on the Ropers Alley neighborhood. This site provides information regarding the history, archaeology, and artifacts of the Lamar Terrace site.

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